Web Design & Development

We provide outstanding web design packages that suit your budget.

Web design envelops all aspects including graphic design, webpage layout, user interface, imagery and content management. Additionally, web design is created to simplify more abstract elements such as ergonomics, navigation tools, and website development to help the avid user. Website designers use specific tools including HTML tags that define all content you see on webpages. CSS or cascading style sheets is what creates the appearance of all the elements contained on a webpage. With these tools, this defines how each webpage appears in a browser. Further enhancement using Javascript and Ajax builds a broader user experience.

There are many different aspects to creating and designing a website, many choose to hand code (using HTML and CSS), others choose software such as Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress or Joomla. Such services provide a website with different templates in which websites are created. Graphics help improve the visual appeal of a webpage, making it look and feel more engaging. Separate from web design, graphic designers can use alternate programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create images used on the Web.